Family Viewing Package

Our Direct Cremation/Family Viewing service provides immediate family
members the opportunity to view the deceased in our cozy and comfortable
visitation room for up to one hour during regular business hours. The deceased is prepared for viewing and placed in the selected cremation container chosen by the family.

This Family Viewing Package includes...

  • Arrangement Conference
  • Registration and Documentation
  • 12 Funeral Director Statements of Death
  • Cremation Certificate & Burial Permit
  • Obtaining Cremation Certificate from Medical Examiners Office
  • Transfer of the Deceased into our Care
  • Cardboard Cremation Container
  • Temporary Carton Urn
  • Cremation Fee
  • Minimum Preparation
  • Free Obituary Posting to Our Website
  • Travel Letter for those traveling outside of Canada with the urn
  • Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board Fee