Memorial Service Package

Our Memorial Service package provides families the opportunity to honour the life of the deceased either at our facility, which offers a smaller space perfect for more intimate, private services, or at any other venue that the family may choose. A memorial service is defined as a service that is held without the
deceased being present. For family members wishing to have a viewing prior to the service, this option can be arranged.

  • Arrangement Conference
  • Registration and Documentation
  • 12 Funeral Director Statements of Death
  • Transfer of Deceased (regular business hours)
  • Obtaining Cremation Certificate from the Medical Examiners Office
  • Cardboard Cremation Container
  • Temporary Carton Urn
  • Cremation Fee
  • Travel Letter for those traveling outside of Canada with the urn
  • Facility for Memorial Service
  • Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board Fee
  • Free Obituary Posting to Website

This includes setting up one hour prior to service time, greeting and seating of guests, accepting floral arrangements and deliveries, monitoring the service, arranging for clergy, music.

This Package does not include: Cremations Urn, Clergy Fee, other goods and services.