Cremation Products

Simply Cremations Edmonton offers a variety of cremation products that help you remember your loved one.  We have
partnered with some of the finest Canadian cremation product companies to bring you the best selection and value.  Some products can be ordered directly through our partners while some products are best handled in conjunction with your Simply Cremation Services.  Each product page will offer a guide on the best way to obtain that product.  But please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of these fine cremation products.

Cremation Urns

We also offer decorative cremation urns beyond the
temporary cardboard urn that is included in the basic
cremation package.  Select the urn right for your needs.

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Full Circle Memory Beads

Full Circle Memory Beads is an artisan owned and operated Canadian company that creates a variety of artifacts that
incorporate the ashes of your loved one.

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Eternity's Touch

Simply Cremations has partnered with Eternity's Touch to offer you a wide range of memorial keepsakes from
pendants, to rings to frames and more.

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Service Caskets

While the basic cremation package offers a simple
cardboard cremation container, you also have the option to upgrade your casket if you wish to do so.

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Scatter Pods

Scatter Pods offer a way to disperse the cremation ashes in an elegant and easy manner.  We have a variety of scatter pod designs to choose from.

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Partnering with SecuriGene, Simply Cremations can now
offer DNA Preservation.  This product allows you to keep the genetic aspects of your loved one.

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