Cremation Urns

A cremation urn is a box or vase that can sometimes be quite decorative and is used to contain the ashes of the departed after the cremation process.

Choosing the style to reflect your memories of your loved one is an important decision.  Simply Cremations offers a variety of Metal/Stone or Wood Urns to choose from.

You can view the urns we have  on offer here and add that to your cremation choices on our Online Arrangements Form or Contact Us to let us know which cremation urn you would prefer.

Click on any of the cremation urn images below to see a larger version.

Basic Cardboard Temp Urn

no charge

Metal & Stone Urns

Artisan Pearl

Simply Cremations Urn - Artisan Pearl


Elegant Leaf


Classic Black

Simply Cremations Urn - Classic Black


Tribute Butterfly


Blessing Lavender


Mother of Pearl

Simply Cremations Urn - Mother of Pearl


Onyx Elite

Simply Cremations Urn - Onyx Elite


Grecian Crimson

Simply Cremations Urn - Grecian Crimson


Aria Dolphin

Simply Cremations Urn - Aria Dolphin


Essence Azure

Simply Cremations Urn - Essence Azure


Aria Rose

Simply Cremations Urn - Aria Rose


Classic Pewter

Simply Cremations Urn - Classic Pewter


Aria Wheat

Simply Cremations Urn - Aria Wheat


Avalon Evening Blue

Simply Cremations Urn - Avalon Evening Blue


Divine Flying Doves


Green Zebra Stone

Simply Cremations Urn - Green Zebra Stone


Wooden Urns

Hamilton Cherry

Simply Cremations Wood Urn - Hamilton Cherry


Manchester Cherry

Simply Cremations Wood Urn - Manchester Cherry


Hamilton Natural

Simply Cremations Wood Urn - Hamilton Natural


Ogee Cherry

Simply Cremations Wood Urn - Winchester Cherry