Additional Cremation Services

Additional and Optional cremation services also available from Simply Cremations.

  • Credit Bureau, Letters & Estate Kit - $195
  • Scattering of Cremated Remains - $325
  • Minimum Preparation - $250
  • Transfer Mileage - $2.00/km
  • Dressing - $125
  • Embalming - $610

Embalming is required for public viewing or public visitation, or if the deceased was autopsied and family wish to view
To complete arrangements a signed medical is required, if this does not accompany the deceased at the time of transfer, a courier is sent for the certificated from the doctor.
Special Considerations for those over 180 lbs. Support tray must be used in conjunction with the basic cardboard cremation casket for weights of 160 - 180 lbs for support.
Weight exceeding 180 Lbs will require a Plywood Cremation Casket.

Estate Planning & Wills

Simply Cremations & Funeral Services has teamed up with Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP to bring you Estate Planning and Will options.

You'll be able to select these additional cremation services and options near the bottom of the Online Arrangements form.

Additional cremation services