Estate Planning and Wills

Simply Cremations & Funeral Services proudly announces teaming up with Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP!

At Simply Cremations & Funeral Services, our mission has been to help families through the loss of a loved one and strive to meet all their needs. And indeed, there are some things that are beyond the scope of any funeral home such as applying to the Courts for a Grant of Probate. This is why we diligently search for the right companies to refer our families to in order to make sure our clients remain in good hands for those aspects of death that extend beyond funeral arrangements. We are happy to announce that Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP has established an office in our Sherwood Park location in order to be more accessible to families in Sherwood Park and surrounding area for their estate planning needs.

At our Sherwood Park location clients can request a lawyer from Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP to attend to:

  • • Discuss whether a Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration may be required to transfer/access a Deceased’s property;
  • • Advise the Personal Representative (Executor) of their role, responsibilities, and legal authority to administer an Estate;
  • • Discuss updating Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives for family members;
  • • Sign court documents and land title transfer documents;
  • • Meet with the Personal Representative (Executor) and beneficiaries of the Estate;
  • • And much more...

In addition to having a solid foundation in the area of Wills & Estates Law, Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP also can assist with:

  • • Commercial and residential real estate transactions;
  • • Buying and selling a business;
  • • Financing and corporate restructuring;
  • • Contract review and drafting (leases, employment, construction, real estate, promissory notes);
  • • Foreclosures; and
  • • Co-habitation/pre-nuptial agreements

You can connect with Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP by calling (780) 801-0600,
e-mailing, or visiting