Jacob Lloyd Turnbull


Jacob Lloyd Turnbull, died June 10th 2021, in a head-on collision while he was
on his way home from Edmonton to Cold Lake, Alberta at the age of 26.

He was born September 7th, 1994 in Prince Albert Saskatchewan to his loving
parents, Brian and Sandra Turnbull (nee Hiebert).

Jake was united in Marriage to Naima Sara Ippersiel on April 18th, 2020.

He is predeceased by Grandfathers Lloyd Walter Turnbull and Jacob Gordon Hiebert,
Auntie Shelley (Mike) Hieblinger, Auntie Cathy Turnbull and Uncle Dennis Avery.

Jake will be sadly missed by his loving wife Naïma Sara Turnbull, parents Brian
Walter Turnbull and Sandra Marian Turnbull, sister Katrina (Max) Schmidt,
Aunties Doris Avery, Wanda Hiebert, Cindy (Ed) Toker, Lois (Frank) Guy,
Uncles Trent Hiebert and Graham Turnbull,
Grandmothers Beverley Hiebert and Gladys Turnbull and
numerous cousins.
Jake will also be profoundly missed by his spiritual family, those who loved him as a child and as the man he became. For Jacob, his family included the Ippersiel and Gautron families and his loving friends.

A note from his wife—
From a young age it was obvious Jake would be a smart, courageous man. Whether he was making plans with his sister Katrina, to get out of trouble, or practicing skateboarding stunts. He was always busy thinking about how to achieve the little goals he had.

Music was a big part of his life, always looking for new artists to listen to, in so many genres. He started DJing at local dances all around Saskatchewan, and as time went on, he collected guitars that he played whenever he needed an outlet.

I loved listening to him play, his style was always in flux and he loved exploring what he could do with his instruments, rekindling his love for the saxophone in the last months. He often talked about times where he played with friends and had such a great time being goofy around a campfire!

His passion for life and adventure was a deep part of him. Even small things filled him with amazement and made his eyes sparkle and smile. Last week he came to find me in the house, “you need to come see this! I don’t know if I’m going crazy, but I think there’s fireflies in our backyard!”, and we spent the evening watching and chasing them, it was his first time seeing fireflies.

No matter where he was, there was an adventure, though as his wife I can vouch for the fact that he was concerned with doing things safely. “I’m not letting you ski down that mountain until you learn to snowplow the entire way!”

If you were close to him, there’s no doubt he teased and tried to get a rise from you in his sneaky way. And if you caught him telling you a tall tale for fun, you were sure to hear his “evil” laugh peel out in glee, so proud of his joke!

His core values included loyalty, love for Jehovah, his family and those he called friends. He would drop everything to help a friend, and cared deeply about those he loved. I could tell he didn’t take for granted what others did for him, and those who stuck by him through his hard times and helped him stick to Jehovah.

He was a true outdoorsman, happiest in the mountains, whether he was climbing, hiking, camping out in the middle of nowhere.. even when we were roughing it he made the outdoors experience feel fancy to me. Always had an espresso or a snack ready to be made straight out of his back pack, he made those moments so special with his care and forethought.

Jake was a wonderful husband, he took his role as family head seriously and I couldn’t have imagined a better partner if I tried. Our home was filled with laughter and silly shenanigans, and he strove to make it a place where people felt welcome to stay a while.

If you visited he’d be eager to show off the latest projects he was getting away with, one of them being a big ole hillbilly hot tub in our yard in town, or the climbing wall he put up in our stairwell closet. His life was so vibrant.

Most of all he wanted to do more for his God Jehovah. He liked to sit down with a good coffee in the morning before I woke up, to study and prepare for his ministry. He took such great joy in being able to share encouragement from the scriptures with his friends whether they shared his faith or not. Though he may have seemed quiet in his expressions of faith they were felt deeply, and were a great motivator in his life.

He had a grand plan thought out for when Jehovah fulfills his promise of paradise on earth. For us to live in a fancy little hut with many children and a big garden of coffee beans and fresh produce somewhere along the coast, where we’d surf at sunset and enjoy life together without worries.

I look forward to the day when his hope of the resurrection will be realized and we’ll all be able to welcome him and laugh with him again. Acts 24:15 – “And I have hope toward God… that there is going to be a resurrection”

He is a man that will be missed by many and losing him is a true tragedy.

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