John Edward Millard

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It is with infinite sadness that the family of John Millard announces his sudden passing on January 4, 2021.

He is survived by his son Jarrod Millard; his siblings, Mike (Kathy) Millard, Mary (Terry) Drader, Teresa (Ray) MacNeil and Jim (Noreen) Millard. He also leaves numerous nieces and nephews. His passing will leave a huge hole in the hearts of his roommate Neil Zeller and many other dear friends.

John was predeceased by his parents Isaiah (Zic) and June Millard, his sister Patricia and his brother Pete.

John was a masterful joke teller and delighted in sharing his stories with others. He was a charming, funny, caring man who proved time and again that chivalry is not dead. He was a dedicated fire fighter and retired as a captain with the Edmonton Fire Department.

He will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

Cremation has taken place. An appropriate celebration of John’s life will be held at a later date to be determined.

Donations can be made to the Edmonton Firefighters Burn Treatment Society or the charity of one’s choice.

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B. Savard

Dismayed to learn of Johns’ passing. John always had a humorous anecdote, a joke to spread some smiles, or poignant bit of wisdom to share wrapped up with his unique brand of comedic delivery. When it seemed everything around him was in flames he stood amidst them stoically and valiantly put them out – literally as a firefighter and figuratively as a mediator. Rest easy John, you’ve earned it.

Noel Bugnet

Good Morning, On Behalf of the Edmonton Firefighters Memorial Society we would like to send our our condolences to the entire Millard family and would like to make the request that a family member contact us at or 780 619-1564. We will be honouring John in September at our remembrance ceremony and would like the family to be part of the ceremony.

Thank you and again our deepest Condolences.

Lynn Stewart

I haven’t seen John in many years, since the 79’s but thought of him often. I was a young single parent with no stereo, and he just popped by my place with an old one he wasn’t using. Kind and generous is how I remember him . RIP

Mike Westfall

I’am sorry to hear I worked off and on with John over the years and we always had a good laugh . He will be missed


John was my friend, my confidant, other dad.
I can’t tell you how many times he would drop everything (selflessly) and help me move or just a coffee and a laugh or lend me his dolley or drive me to the doctors or wake up in the middle of the night to lend his ear and knowledge (meanwhile trying to make me laugh with his never ending ridiculous jokes and stories) the list goes on…
I am so sad for his family and friends and anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.
The last time I saw him I gave him a kiss on the head and told him I loved him and I hold that dear.

I will miss him forever and will help with anything his family needs.

Thank you for being my friend John. Rest easy my friend. I’ll remember you always?

Jonas South

I am sad to hear of John’s passing. I always had a soft spot for John. He was always really good to me. He was one of my senior men when I came on to the fire department 20 years ago. He was caring and a good mentor. I went into my first fire with him. We became friends. He painted 2 of my houses and did great work! The world has lost a great guy. My condolences go out to his family.

Sheldon Zander

So sad to hear of John’s passing. I was fortunate to work with John for a number of years. He took pride in being a Captain and made sure everyone on his crew felt like they belonged. Will always remember his photographic memory and a coffee cup in his hand. He always had a good story to tell or joke to make everyone crack up. I remember being in a fire with him and we had just gotten it under control. We were in the kitchen still putting out some hot spots and I felt a tap on my shoulder. He was holding a bread box that had the word “bread” written on the front. He said to me, “Look, Toast!” He had a million of those one liners and always made work a better place to be, even after a difficult call. He held shift get togethers at his house and if you were his friend or crewmate he always treated you like family. Rest in Peace John and thanks for all the memories.

Rod & Audrey Karpetz

The Millard Family,
May the memories of the good times live always in your heart. Today and everyday throughout the year we wish you comfort, peace and strength.
John was a wonderful and fun loving man who was a joy to hang around with. He will be missed but will always remain in our hearts.

Lorne Green

Saddened to hear of Johns passing. Condolences to all Johns family. Worked at Stan. 13 for 8 years on a different platoon. Remember John for his sense of humour, willingness to help out, & how quickly he did the Edmonton Sun & Edmonton Journal crossword puzzles. Rest In Peace John.

joe stang

John was always sincere and fun to work with. Condolences to the Family.

Rob Morrison

Loved his humour and the way he lifted those around him. Very sorry to learn of John’s passing.

Gary Mayorchak

Saddened to hear of John’s passing. I didn’t know John well, but he always invited me in for coffe at the hall or a social refreshment when we crossed paths after hours. Very good natured person and great storey teller.
He always had a smile on his face.
RIP brother

Jim Mortemore

The appraisal of John was true. You could also add that the strength of his character resulted in respect from his peers in his career in the EFD. In a group setting his wisdom was well regarded as was his cool demeanor. His coffee cup was always half full. He lived well and will be missed by others than his cohorts. Sincere condolences to all of them.

Shawn Jennett

Very sad to hear this news. John was so witty and fun to be around. Crosswords didn’t stand a chance with him around. He will be dearly missed.

Brent Findling

I am saddened to hear of John’s passing. I worked with John at the beginning of my career from 2007 – 2009 and he was one of the best Captains I have had the privilege to work with. He was extremely competent on the fire ground as well as managing the crew in the fire hall. John was warm, loving, funny and generous and I quickly learned by his actions that we were a family. He treated all with respect and was respected highly by the crew. He would take on any and all Crosswords puzzles finishing most within 6 minutes!
Peace and Love John

Gary Burke

Saddened to hear of Brother John’s passing, many laughs, memories on EFD and trusting your skills as an excellent painter. person, Friend
Rest in Peace John…

Chris & Lianne

Very sad to hear of John passing and offer our condolences to Theresa and the rest of the family and friends. John’s kindness, wit and superb sense of humour (still crack a smile when ever I hear the name “Evelyn”) will never be forgotten.
Rest In Peace John

Brendan Mullaley - Mully

Will always remember John for the laughs and happiness he brought in to any room he walked into. Rest easy my friend.

Glen Strachan

My Condolences the all of John’s family he will be missed by many. We started the EFD together and my memories go back to those days. Cowboys wealth of knowledge and recall of information was impressive, his photographic memory served him well at the Training School, he never took his books home to study. RIP my friend

Gus Baert

I worked at Station 13 for a number of years with John on a different platoon. I always had a great time when I worked on his shift and interacting between platoons. He will be sadly missed.

Chris Hardeman

Sad news indeed. I came on as a fresh rookie at #2 and John took me under his wing. He taught me so much in my first year. At my buy even convinced me to put chicken grease in my hair, when I had some.
He will be missed.

Will always be remembered.

Ray Royer

My condolences to the Millard family. John was truly a great and wonderful coworker. Always a pleasure to be around and watch out for that photographic memory! He had and easy and outgoing way about him which will truly be missed. RIP John.

Chris and Lisa Camarta

Our condolences to Teresa and Ray and the Millard family. I had the privilege of knowing John. He was a very intelligent man with a great sense of humor. He had zest for life and he was so much fun to be around. Very kind and generous man. He was an excellent firefighter with empathy for others. We will miss him. Whenever I think of John he puts a smile on my face as we had so many good times at the fire hall , fishing derbies, etc, etc..

Rod & Debi

Debi and I are so sorry to here of John’s passing Teresa he was such a great guy I knew john since high school he will be missed are condolences to you and your family

Travis Merrier

RIP , always remember the sense of humor and friendship . God Bless.

Don & Marilyn Cherniawski

Our sincere condolences to the Millard family. May you find and know peace as you reflect on John ‘s life and the love he gave to his family.

Rick Turner

So saddened to hear of John” Ducky” Millard. So many fond funny memories! Honest, smart, stand up man!! Rest In Peace Brother!

John Kokotilo

John – I will surely miss you. Loved our time at Stn. 8/10 and after – hunting , fishing, floor hockey in the Station – also your intellect – some rumors did abound that you achieved 100% on the recruit exam- photographic memory-only one to do so – I can attest to that as I was around when you had answers to everything at anytime
. RIP John

Ed Yatscoff

Sorry and shocked to hear of John’s passing. I worked with him for 8 years as part of a memorable crew at Stn. 13. Our special t-shirts read ‘STN.13 -No argument too small’. For years he also organized and cooked at an annual fish derby up at Cross Lake. Things could get pretty wild up and the buzzword there was “No kids, no cameras.” John and I would sing ‘Three Lonesome Cowboys’ and have people in stitches. Good times, Johnny!

Ken Bowman

My heartfelt condolences to his family. I sure enjoyed my time working with John at Stn. #2 in the mid 80’s…he always had a smile on his face and there was never a dull moment. He will be missed.


My Condolence to the Millard family
I had the honour to work with John at Station 13.
What a wonderful human being.
He visited me in my home in Mexico.
Had a fun time. ADIOS My friend

Greg Flett

Spent many years working with John downtown. Sad to hear of his passing. My condolences to family and friends…

Amanda Bridgeman

My sincere condolences to all his family and friends. I had the honor of working with John at Stuart Olson. AMAZING man! Smart, witty, wonderful sense of humor. He will be so dearly missed.

Doug Ardis

My condolences to John’s family on his passing. John was a excellent firefighter, a great guy, with a brilliant sense of humour. I always enjoyed his company.
Rest In peace my friend.

Garry and Charlotte Klassen

Sorry to hear of Johns passing, I hope you find comfort in your memories. I came on the EFD a couple months after John in 1979 and my wife has known John for many in the painting business. He will be missed.

Bill Schur

John will be greatly missed. I had the pleasure of working with John on the Fire Dept. He was not only a very good firefighter, but always upbeat and friendly. Our condolences to Johns family

Jim Moser

I am shocked and extremely saddened by this devastating news.
My sincerest condolences to the entire Millard family, I feel your pain.
Such an amazing man and SOOOOOO MANY MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!
John taught me so much!
I will continue to live using the best tip/advice John ever gave me in life and will continue to pass it on to others.
‘Never pet a burning dog’ ?
(Don’t worry, I’m sure John would appreciate this)

Paul Gammon

Great guy. Lots of good times on the ball diamond. Heartfelt condolences to his extended family. RIP

Terry Patterson

John’s great sense of humor and joke telling will be missed by all. He was always there when I called for help. My family’s condolences to John’s family during this sad time.

Brian Riddel

Very sad to hear of Johns passing he was a great guy,
and will be missed.

Don Mcgillis

Condolences to John’s family.
I began my career in 1979 at station 2 with John, he was a pleasure to be around and was an excellent firefighter.
Will always remember his photographic memory, no need to study for John! So sad to hear of his passing.

George Wright

Sincere condolences to John’s family and friends. I worked with John on the Edmonton Fire Department – he was a good FF and person.

Brenda Millan & Don Harke

Our condolences to John’s family. He was a great man. He lived down 64th Avenue from us in Argyll. He used to walk his dogs, Chuck & Bob. Rest In Peace our friend

Tim Guterson

Carolyn and I are truly saddened to hear of John’s passing. He was a true brother and fellow firefighter. Our condolences and prayers go out to all the members of his family. He always brought a smile and a laugh to anyone .

Brenda Millan & Don Harke

Our hearts go out to the family. John was a great man. He lived down the Avenue from us in Argyll and used to walk his dogs, Chuck & Bob. Rest In Peace our friend

Ace Yaggey

I would like to pass on my condolences to the Millard family for their loss. John and I grew up in the Oliver community attending school together from grade 1 at Oliver School through high school at Vic Comp. John was always a fun loving guy and a great guy to be around. We did not have much contact after high school but we did have the chance to meet again at a Victoria High School reunion awhile back and that same fun loving spirit was still resonating with him. He will surely be missed by many.

Dale Sadowsky

John was an awesome individual. Always caring and helping out others he could always be depended on. Always put a smile on my face. Sadly missed

Ken Lakusta

To the Millard Family, I just wanted to send my sincere condolences to you all. John was my good friend growing up together at Oliver School.

Bryan Sarabin

It is with great sadness that I learned of John’s passing. I wish to extend my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. John was a very dear childhood friend of mine. We grew up together in the Oliver area. Even as a young fella, you could tell that John had the makings of being a very special person and this has been borne out over the years by the great many people he has touched along the way. His enthusiasm was always infectious; his smile always gentle and welcoming and he was someone whose company everyone wanted to share. While our paths haven’t crossed in the recent past, John has left an indelible mark on me. For that I am forever grateful. I will miss you my dear friend. Safe travels.

Diane Hobelaid (Bonney)

I remember John as one of my earliest friends, growing up in Christ Church, from a young age, and then as a classmate at Oliver school for many years. We were keen competitors in spelling bees, and for top class marks. Our paths crossed several times in our early adult lives until I moved away from Edmonton. I’m sure you will all miss him, as will his many friends. May his memory bring joy to you all.

Vonn Gondziola

John was a kind, caring, funny man who was wonderful be around. He was true original. He would always lend a helping hand or a sympathetic ear. His repertoire of jokes was bottomless and he told them deftly. I’m going to miss him.

My condolences to his family and all those who have lost John from their life.

Al Levin

John my dear friend. You were one of the finest men I’ve ever known funny, smart, loyal, honest and brave. We had so many awesome times over many years.
You will be missed by many friends including myself, David McDonald, Chuck Haas and so many others.
RIP John