John Stacy Lothian

A MAJOR part of our family and lives are gone. John Stacy Lothian will never be forgotten!
He suffered for many years and yet his attitude and love for life (ski patrol,golf,gardening,his beloved home,volunteering at Folk Fest,Blues Festival) didn’t hold him back.
It just got to be way too much for him at the end and he told us he did not want to be on Dialysis anymore. Two days later, he passed away peacefully with family at his side.
He had love names for each of us he left behind. Dad was Pops, Shelley- Schultz, Rob- Goobs, Teddi-Friggy, Angelica- AJ and mom was always Mommers.
We miss you Son. We will always love you. We didn’t want you to go but you deserve peace. God be with you. Say hi to Sonna and Grandpa for us.

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