Mary Ladouceur


Mary Jocelyn Ladouceur (ne Livingstone), was born in Brookville, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, August 17th, 1935.

Mary was a free spirit, a fighter, an artist, and a loving mother and friend to many across Canada.

Mary always worked hard since leaving school at 13 to earn money for her family, Mary was the epitome of a hard worker.

Mary met Andrew Joseph Archille Ladouceur at a party when she lived in Montreal. Andrew was a telegrapher in the navy and Mary was quite taken with the handsome, witty young man and the two of them quickly fell in love. It would be a love that lasted a lifetime.

Mary became a loving mother of one son, Andrew, and two daughters, Dale and Lily. She also became a world-class seamstress, a top salesperson, an environmental and social activist, an early nutritionist and an amateur Theologian, investigating many religions and, over time, building a strong, spiritual testimony.

All her life, Mary maintained an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, to the degree that was made clear when you saw her library – books filled with highlighter, sticky notes, and pressed flowers. Books on anatomy, poetry, nutrition, fine art, science, Albert Einstein and Gordon Lightfoot.

Although Mary was not able to fully explore her creative talents, they would reveal themselves, on occasion, through writings, poetry, drawings, sculpture, clothing design and her sense of humour.

Mary loved Canada and her wanderings had her live in a number of provinces across the country. She loved family, loved the concept of “home” and yet, had dreams of seeing the world.

From her thirties, onward, Mary taught herself a tremendous amount about automotives, eventually knowing enough to shock and surprise any mechanic brave enough to try to sell her unnecessary replacement parts.

Mary never missed an opportunity to engage: from coast to coast, she made loyal friends with compassion, charm and thoughtful engagement. She was not averse to other kinds of engagement, having strong and passionate opinions about social injustice and environmental causes.

Mary loved to laugh. Some of her favorite comics: Stephen Wright, Robin Williams and Monty Python. She loved classic art and opera and had a keen eye for high quality in fashion, fine art and hand crafted furniture.

Mary loved her children and loved to tell them “I’d just dry up and blow away without you.”

Mary loved her grandchildren. She was so proud of Aaron & Mariah, Lily’s children, Logan and Carter, Andrew’s two son’s and our son Ramsay. She loved her great grandchildren too: Izzy, Michael, Isys and Freyja.

Mary made a huge difference in this world and will be greatly missed.

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One Condolence

Mary Rankin

Sending loving thoughts to all family members, especially Dale, my dear friend. My deepest condolences to you all.