Richard Wayne Giles


Richard Wayne Giles
September 17, 1979 – December 11, 2020
Sadly, Richard passed away December 11, 2020 at the University Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta from the Covid – 19 virus.
He leaves to remember him, his children: Brandon Patrick Burneau, Nathan Wayne Giles,
Daniel Joseph Giles, and their mother Margaret Burneau.
Brothers William and Donald Giles.
Also, friends and family members throughout, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.
Richard was born in Swan Lake, Manitoba and moved to Alberta as a young child. Most of his growing up years was spent living on a farm southwest of Edmonton. It is here that he enjoyed spending time with his brothers building tree houses, campfires, wiener and marshmallow roasts, sleep outs under the stars, learning to row a boat down at the farm dugout, raising and caring for farm animals, as well as many dogs and cats.
Richard spent several years in the Air Cadets which he enjoyed.
He attended Calmar School, he was a good student, and learning always came easy to him. He enjoyed music, writing, drawing, team sports, he especially loved playing basketball.
Lastly, his beloved children, Brandon 17 – Nathan 15 – Daniel 7 – Richard loved his boys and enjoyed spending time with them. He thought his boys his greatest achievement and their mother, his best friend.
Rest in Peace dear dad, son, brother and friend, always loved, forever missed.

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One Condolence

Donald James Giles

I miss you every minute bro… I’m going to make us proud

William Thomas Giles

Love You So Much Ric,….(Yeah, F… the K right bro, only you and Don will ever know what that means ) Well Me and You anyways… God I wish things could have been different these last 10-12 years (I lost count its been so long). I don’t know if you knew but, I was ready to( as you wrote in the email you sent me earlier that summer) “Bury the Hatchet” a long time ago Brother. What Happened was pretty messed up, if the cops hadn’t speared me from the elevator, if I had caught you i’d still be inside, lol, After all…Im a Giles, right? I still to this day don’t quite know if it is just a statement or an explanation, lol. The last communication between us when you were alive was you asking if you and your girlfriend ( I was sorry to hear about her passing the yr before, btw) could come and spend a couple weeks at my house, but at that time I was still getting used to talking to you on a more regular basis, just the thought of actually seeing my brother ric again was twisting me up so bad when I thought about it, to me it would have been like night and day, a life altering decision, it was was such an important time in my life and Ultimately it became up to me if that happened or not, if we would see each other or not, and I was so conflicted by having to make that choice, it sometimes made me sick to my tummy. Being the asshole I am I just decided to sit on even replying at all to you for a few days cause I didn’t know how to answer you. Days turned into weeks, and months and we just kinda both let it go I guess cause we never spoke again until now .It rips my heart out everytime I think about how you must have felt the last few hours when you knew u were only waiting , with the outcome being inevitable, and neither Don or me was there beside you. I cant imagine how it felt to die alone, i’m crying just writing this, and I just want you to know that if I had know what was happening at that time I WOULD have been there. When I found out that there was NO ONE at your side when it happened, all I could do was cry, I cried for days , the sadness I felt for you and still do is the worst pain i’ve ever felt, and i’m sorry ric, that I wasn’t there for you, we were alone all our lives from the beginning but i’m sorry that you had to die alone. It’s not fair. So I just needed you to know that I was the final reason why we still hadn’t seen each other again, it wasn’t you (for once eh….lol…I know your laughing right now cause you know its true)(and we probably are the only two that even understand what I mean) it was my fault, and i’m sorry cause now there is never a chance of that ever happening again. But I forgive you brother for what kept us apart all these years, you did just as a giles should, the worst thing possible. I would just have just made damn sure it was me that answered the door first, lol lol) See, i’m making jokes about it so obviously everything’s fine. Now that you know maybe you’ll have forgiven me by the time I get to chill again with you, think about it anyways. Love u ric, i’ll try harder I promise, I cant be a screw up forever right? Bye……